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iPhone/iPad Control!

Full Automation 

 Now you can control any room in your house on your Apple iPhone/iPad or iTouch device!  Total Control Remotes now offers Bitwise Controls advanced control which will enable you to do anything a remote can on your tablet or handheld!  Call us for more information!




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The age old problem with any Home Theater or Home Audio system- it’s just too difficult to control. Or maybe you’re the only one in your family who can control it. Your family calls you at your office just to ask you how to turn on the TV. Your guests seem lost and ask you to put the game on You’re coffee table looks like a remote control junkyard littered with all the remotes you use to control your system. Or maybe you bought your system from a big name store that did a lousy job with the programming. You spent a small fortune on your home entertainment system and you can’t enjoy it because you can’t enjoy what you can’t control. At Total Control Remotes we can provide you with the programming and control system that will allow you to finally enjoy your investment. Custom tailored to your family’s exact needs, our designed solutions will allow anyone, regardless of age or knowledge, to turn on the Home Theater, watch their favorite channels, even their favorite Blu-ray. Get rid of the dozen remotes occupying space in your family room, control your sound system from the backyard or even swimming pool, control your lighting, thermostat, TV’s, fireplace, even appliances. We offer control solutions for almost any budget and can custom design them to best serve your interests and lifestyle. Imagine an entertainment system where you can press one button and have the lights dim down, the plasma turn on, the equipment in your closet power up, and your favorite sound type selected. It’s that easy. Now you can finally be in Total Control.

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